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Hanging Quilted Patchwork Apples
Hanging Quilted Patchwork Apples

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By way of collection old dolls and plush animals, we � a mother-daughter combo � got caught up in teddy bear creating. Since then no piece of fabric is safe from us. We have already implemented a lot of our ideas, many more are still rolling around our heads. Our teddy bears, cats, and all the other animals are all made with lots of love and solely by hand (no sewing machines) according to our own designs. We value quality work.
It oftentimes takes weeks until we are satisfied with a new design. Our creations must appeal to ourselves first and foremost until we are even remotely satisfied. Our style is somewhat antique with a few modern elements here and there, such as extraordinary shapes and colours.
We share a great love for detail. We seek out accessories for our friends at antique markets and other locations. A lot we also create from scratch, such as clothing. Most of our hand-made items are one of a kind, but if you are interested we can also create twins of teddies or other animals that have already found a new home. You have specific ideas on how �your� teddy or other animal is supposed to look like? No problem, we also create custom-made items according to your wishes, i.e. for birthdays, weddings, etc.
We also offer a helping hand to �hurt� plush friends.

We sell teddy clothing as well as crafting tools and materials, fabrics and accessories in shabby and vintage look. We also offer bear-making seminars for groups of 2 to 4 people.
We are always extending our repertoire with items that we ourselves like and would buy. Be it current or vintage toys, cosmetics, or anything else that makes our own inner child happy.
If you have questions regarding our repertoire or shop, please use the contact form here in the shop.
We can also be found at numerous craft and teddy bear markets and fairs throughout southern Germany. A list of events where you can meet us in person will be published here in the store as well.
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